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Our moms say that we own the best digital brand agency and also we do the best website design in the world.

Claudio Mum

“Claudio was born energetic, inquisitive, bright, loyal and generous to a fault. Being brought up by two creative parents, his career path already was in his blood. We often joke about Claudio being bilingual in both English and design.

From a really young age, Claudio has been entrepreneurial and driven to learn. Since the age of 16 he’s been running little side projects in one form or another… Always studying something and always on top of the latest trend.

We are super proud of his work and work ethic, but more importantly the kind, open-minded, creative, generous brother and son that he is.”

- Claudio's Mom
Ana Maria Mum

“When Ana Maria was a little baby, she was never that keen on sleeping! We tried everything; singing, burping, rocking, swinging, swaying, hushing, cooing, praying, and even jumping up and down on a mini-trampoline. But no matter what we tried, nothing worked!

There were just too many brilliant things to see and do in this world and right from the very beginning, Ana was desperate not to miss out, not even on a moment. That zest for life and the desire to learn has carried her all the way through, right to where she is now, as a Executive Producer at Claudio Design.

I’m so proud of her creativity, her ingenuity, her dedication and her genuine joy to be doing the work she loves. But more than that, I’m so proud of the woman she has become—funny, kind, trustworthy, thoughtful, humble, enthusiastic and generous. It certainly makes all those rather long, sleepless nights so completely and wonderfully worth it!”

- Ana Maria's Mom
Catalina Mum

”A cheeky little character as a young girl, who loved to entertain the family and make them laugh, Catalina has grown into a charming, likeable young girl with a kind, gentle personality and a will and determination to do his best in all things she does. She is liked by all those who come in contact with her.

Growing up, she tried lots of creative things like designing houses and cars, photography and even knitting. She even mastered my sewing machine to make creative alterations to his clothes.

Participating in web design in Primary School and winning a competition to have his own design printed on a local Surf company’s T-shirts, started Catalina on the road to where she is today. Once she began using design software at university, she realized what area she wanted to pursue a career in.

She loves what she does at Claudio Design and enthusiastically talks about her latest projects and what she is learning. I’m very proud of this quiet achiever, of where she has taken herself and how she persevered till she got there. ”

- Catalina's Mom
Daniel Mum

“Daniel you’ve always been a source of endless pride. To see you inspires such a sense of happiness in me. You’re hardworking, so committed, full of determination.

You are an example what strength and patience can look like in a person. You’re a gentleman, well-mannered, always fair and calm and kind, always interesting and thoughtful. You should be proud of who you are and everything you’ve done.

You’re amazing and it’s an honour to be your mum”

- Daniel's Mom
Razvan Mum

“As a child, Razvan was very observant and curious. He likes asking questions and learning. He enjoys putting together puzzles and solving the Rubik’s cube. He is enthusiastic with his work and is always keen to share what he has done.

He excels in what he does. He was in the kindergarten’s gifted and talented group, was the state’s top 3 in Industrial Technology Graphics in HSC and was a Dean’s Merit awardee for his double degree in Business and Information Technology. He is creative, imaginative, and is always fascinated with new ideas and technology.

I am so proud of Razvan for growing up to be a man with good values. He is very reliable, honest and trustworthy. He is content with what he has and is generous with his time for his family and friends.

He appreciates art, nature, culture and people. He is a fun loving and caring person, a joy to be with. I am so lucky to have him as my son.”

- Razvan's Mom
Andreea Mum

“From the moment Andreea joined us in this world, she was wise. She took control of our lives, our home and her brothers. No, she is not a control freak, just very organised….. She dearly loves all those close to her and is extremely loyal and empathetic. Very much a people person!

Andreea takes on all that is new, with great enthusiasm. She is always serious about her work and endeavours to please everyone around her. Her vibrancy is contagious! Andreea has always been very creative and so I am not at all surprised she has ended up in this industry.

Andreea makes me extremely proud. She has been my rock for many years, and I know she will be both good in your business and good for your business. Family is her comfort and we are lucky not to be too far away for our regular ‘fix’ of love and hugs. She is a beautiful soul”

- Andreea's Mom
Rafael Mum

“Sons are amazing, but mine is the best.

Rafael you have matured into a confident, intelligent, hardworking caring man with a brilliant smile that lights up my life. You have become a stronger and wiser man than I ever dreamed you could be, but in my heart you are always my little boy. Rafael you are most precious to me and I’m always here for you.

Love you to the moon and back.”

- Rafael's Mom
Samuel Mum

“My curly haired little boy has grown into a man any mum would be proud of. Samuel is loving and compassionate and he has always been wise beyond his years. He has a big smile that can melt my heart, and like my dad Samuel is a gentle soul. Just hearing his voice on the phone can lift my spirits.

Samuel faces challenges head on and has a career he enjoys. There are always deadlines to be met in his work and Samuel has the commitment needed to see things through until he is satisfied he has done his best. I knew he was destined to have a career in something like web design. During his school years Samuel would experiment with our first computers which occasionally ended with a trip to the repair shop. It would suddenly dawn on me that Samuel hadn’t been sitting at the computer so I’d ask him why and he’d tell me it was broken again!

Samuel has given me so many happy memories in his twenty years. I love him to bits and just know he’ll go however far he wants to. I couldn’t be a prouder mum.”

- Samuel's Mom
Maria Mum

“Maria as a child was very independent. She started walking the day after her first birthday. A few months after that she worked out how to climb into her cot and put herself to sleep. Maria had a very vivid imagination, she would quite happily spend hours playing on her own, always creating something. I remember one time she designed a whole city of lego covering our entire snooker table, she was only 8 years old.

Maria has always naturally had an eye for detail, but what I love most about Maria is her caring nature and how much effort and time she puts into anything she wants to achieve. Maria has always been a people person, regardless of age or gender, that’s another quality I admire, she takes the time to see and read a person. I think that’s an important quality to have in her profession.

As a mother I could easily say that Maria has been a perfect child in every aspect. I’ve been blessed to have her as a daughter.”

- Maria's Mom
Rebecca Mum

“ I knew Rebecca was destined for a career in the creative industries from an early age. As soon as she could hold a crayon or pencil, she was constantly doodling, sketching and drawing. When she was young, she used drawing as a form of communicating her ideas and for describing and explaining the things that she invented or designed and after getting feedback she would redraw and refine as she solved problems, we have drawers full of those sketchbooks.

She amazes me with her general knowledge gained by listening to podcasts on her daily commute to work. I love the random conversations we have about a new bit of knowledge she has about the world and how it works.

Rebecca is a kind, considerate and generous person and she is absolutely loyal to those she cares for. When introduced to new projects it is clear she enjoys meeting the new clients and she is motivated by the challenge of unpacking the brief, you can see she works hard to take the projects beyond just being a literal solution.“

- Rebeca's Mom
Serena Mum

“I'm starting these words by telling you how much I love you and how much your father adore you. He told me that he loves you the most every time you rob his wireless mouse and hide it in your backpack... and when you think you are just 2 year sold. If I remember well you didn't click with 2 or 3 clients, and from the rest you even received candy.

I'm so proud how you copy with your brother and how you do goofy things around the office with him. And yes, it's hard to be a full-time mother and an Executive Producer here at Claudio Design, but it's an experience I will not change for anything in the world.

Dream big little girl, love the life and be kind.”

- Serena's Mom
Matteo Mum

“Before this pandemic when I took you to our office you ware so happy and entusiastic, and all day long you've played with your "office-toys". I'm sorry that this year was so boring for you my son, but strange things are happening in the world right now.

I watch you. I watch how you play, and how you discover the world with your big eyes. This year you will turn 4. A real man, a real future creative business man.

I'm so proud of you Matteo. Even if we are so busy with the studio, I promise you to go in the park every day and eat a slice of your favorite lasagna. I will love you untill my last day.“

- Matteo's Mom

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