Advanced Biella

Advanced Biella is an advertising agency based in Piedmont, Italy. They also own a news portal in the city of Biella.

In addition to journalistic activities, they offer graphic and outdoor advertising services. Advanced Biella is one of the main players in the advertising market around the Biella area. Whether you need simple flyers or customized store fronts, Advanced Biella is the best bet for local customers.

Brand specialist

Melotti Rebecca

DESIGNERS & Developers

Luciani Andreea, Rossi Daniel, Biasi Samuel


Kratowill Razvan
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Advanced Biella Website Wireframing and Prototyping Advanced Biella Website Wireframing and Prototyping

The old web page was made with WordPress and they wished to remain on this platform, based on the fact that they were already accustomed to it. The website had a low loading speed, an outdated design, and a lot of old information. Advanced Biella approached us asking for a new web page using the latest design trends while maintaining the brand identity.


We clearly understood all the problems with the website: the absence of an attractive design focused on interaction with current and future clients, an out-of-date portfolio, and many contact forms that were not operational. Based on these issues, we created a web page focused on numerous Calls to Action, so that customers could easily select the services they need and thus ensure a faster delivery time for services.

Advanced Biella Responsive Website MockupAdvanced Biella Responsive Website Mockup
The Result

The project lasted for about 2 months. In the end, we were able to create a complete web page with an updated portfolio and with a much stronger representation of their field of expertise. The web page became fast with a very impressive loadings peed. Stronger emphasis was placed on the version of the mobile device and the interaction with the site visitor. Regarding technical information, the web page was made in WordPress with Elementor Pro using Bootstrap 4 layout. The photos we used were free of copyright and taken from the Unsplash website.

Advanced Biella Responsive Website Mockup

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