Domus Residence

Domus Residence is a residential neighbourhood in the northern region of Italy. It has been built specifically for foreigners who wish to taste the special charm of the Piedmont region while offering all the facilities for a suburban district.

From pool and spa to kindergartner school and grocery stores, Domus Residence is one of the residential neighbourhoods that most resonates with the environment.

Brand specialist

Melotti Rebecca

DESIGNERS & Developers

Ivanescu Claudio, Luciani Andreea, Biasi Samuel


Kratowill Razvan
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Domus Residence Website Wireframing and Prototyping Domus Residence Website Wireframing and Prototyping

The client did not have a web page since they were still in the process of building the neighbourhood. We can still clearly remember meeting them: they told us that Italy stands for Modern, Comfort, Facilities, Traditions and Social Life. After various meetings and discussions on Skype with the client, we realized that a web page was needed to reflect and represent these values in the best way possible!


We chose a really simple platform on WordPress because they wanted to be able to post different articles in the blog section so that buyers could see in real-time how each house was built. We focused on the desktop and mobile versions, providing the client with 4 different design models in the first phase. The clients were so impressed with all 4 layouts that they could not pick just they decided to go ahead with all 4 design layouts! They really were that good!

Domus Residence Responsive Website MockupDomus Residence Responsive Website Mockup
The Result

The project went on for about 2 months. The client was so happy to finally see the results that completely fulfilled and overcome the expectations. The web page became fast with an impressive loading speed. Particular emphasis was placed on the version of the mobile device and the interaction with the visitor. Technically speaking, the web page was made in WordPress with Elementor Pro using Bootstrap 4 layout.

Domus Residence Responsive Website Mockup

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