Marco Geraci

Marco Geraci is the personification of the self-made man who chose to share the key to his success by becoming a motivational coach.

After brilliantly building his road to success in the hairdressing industry, Marco Geraci decided to start a new chapter of his life and become a motivational coach. His generous aim is to share with others the process with which his inner voice has led him to success. His services are very diverse, and a proper website was needed to serve his costumer at bests.

Brand specialist

Melotti Rebecca

DESIGNERS & Developers

Ivanescu Claudio, Biasi Samuel, Cuszdar Maria


Rossa Catalina
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Marco Geraci Website Wireframing and Prototyping Marco Geraci Website Wireframing and Prototyping

Marco Geraci's career has been busy with achieved successes and projects and it was important to build a website that clearly and specifically represented this new coaching phase of his life. In fact, the site needed to be built from ground zero. There was also a main technical challenge for this project: the core part was the creation of a product page to support a very specific podcast package. The client needed this service to provide his customers with a new single audio per day, per 367 days, all life-long accessible.


The podcast package challenge was figured out by arranging the site so that it would be perceived as an individual platform by every customer. Audios could not be accessed all at the same time but were delivered daily, and once unlocked they were accessible at every moment. We created a beautiful design for the site, to reflect the elegance that has always characterized Marco Geraci's work.

Marco Geraci Responsive Website MockupMarco Geraci Responsive Website Mockup
The Result

The project lasted for about a couple of months. The result was very satisfying. The client knew exactly what he wanted, so it was easy to build the desired site, which left him very pleased. The design was elegant, the page speed was impressive, the navigation within the menus easy and clear and the product display immediate. Also, the site was successfully optimized for mobile devices, a fundamental part of nowadays marketing.

Marco Geraci Responsive Website Mockup

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