Nativo Stay

Nativo Stay is an Italian company whose business objective focuses on finding premium apartments in Milan and renting them out.

After the rental takes place, Nativo architects and designers will redecorate these apartments and sublet them to foreign tourists who come to visit and taste the charm of the spectacular city of Milan. The client needed a new website to reflect the company's activities and to solve the numerous problems which the old platform had.

Brand specialist

Melotti Rebecca

DESIGNERS & Developers

Luciani Andreea, Rossi Daniel, Biasi Samuel


Ivanescu Ana Maria
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Nativo Stay Website Wireframing and Prototyping Nativo Stay Website Wireframing and Prototyping

The old website had a low loading speed, a common WordPress theme, many incompatibilities between plugins, and a bad mobile experience. The most important aspect for the client was the loading speed of the web page. Besides that, he needed us to create a new interface for the entire website, animations, smart interactions, and the most accurate presentation of the company and its main business objective.


The only things we kept from the old website were the text. We then developed a custom layout for the client's needs and used only the elements integrated into the detailed wireframe. The design part was made entirely in Figma, which was a real game-changer as regards the design and developing possibility. The developing part was made with Webflow which is also a powerful tool for creating online websites.

Nativo Stay Responsive Website MockupNativo Stay Result
The Result

The project lasted for about a month. In the end, the web page was exactly what the customer wanted from the beginning. The loading time became way faster, with an impressive loading speed. Particular emphasis was placed on the version of the mobile device and the interaction with the visitor. Concerning technical information, the web page was made in Webflow with 12 columns grid. This allowed us to create a perfect code for the website and helped in giving us more space to focus on the designing aspect of the job. The photos that were used were free of copyright and were taken from Unsplash.

Nativo Stay Responsive Website Mockup

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