New You Cosmetic Centers

New You Spa is a beauty center based in Canada. It offers high-end cosmetic treatment services using revolutionary techniques that rejuvenate the body.

New You Spa services are Unisex, which means they catered to both women and men. The majority of their customers are still women. From Botox to vaginal tightening, the chain of New You Cosmetic Centers in Canada is a force to reckon with.

Brand specialist

Melotti Rebecca

DESIGNERS & Developers

Luciani Andreea, Rossi Daniel, Biasi Samuel


Kratowill Razvan
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New You Cosmetic Centers Website Wireframing and Prototyping New You Cosmetic Centers Website Wireframing and Prototyping

Even though when New You contacted us the website already existed and had been completed less than 6 months before, it did not look too attractive and functional. Incomplete menus, slow loading speed, text areas inserted in the wrong pages, to mention a few, were the problems that subsisted on this website. It was a technological disaster!


We started from scratch and deleted every thing that was on the website. The first step we took was to restructure the content and create a simple wireframe to unify the pages and most importantly, a clear sitemap. Then we focused on conversion. Each page had simple and powerful areas, each version had a Call to Action. Subsequently, we used colors and a layout that was illustrative of their brand status.

New You Cosmetic Centers Responsive Website MockupNew You Cosmetic Centers Responsive Website Mockup
The Result

The project lasted for about 3 months. In the end, the result was exactly what the client wanted. The webpage had an impressive loading speed. Particular emphasis was placed on the version of the mobile device and the interaction with the potential customers. On the technical side, the web page was made in WordPress with Elementor Pro using Bootstrap 4 layout. The photos were free of copyright and taken from free photo websites such as Unsplash.

New You Cosmetic Centers Responsive Website Mockup

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