The Investment Boss

The investment boss is a major in the investment market. They provide courses to help you build the knowledge to safely invest your savings and gain profit.

The industry of money investment is exponentially growing, and the investment boss took up the challenge of giving Italians the knowledge to safely be part of this market, being a informed alternative to the crypto value gurus that you can find on YouTube. They clearly needed a website to present their brand and product.

Brand specialist

Melotti Rebecca

DESIGNERS & Developers

Ivanescu Claudio, Luciani Andreea, Biasi Samuel


Kratowill Razvan
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The Investment Boss Website Wireframing and Prototyping The Investment Boss Website Wireframing and Prototyping

The client did not have an extremely clear view of the shape and direction he wanted to give to his website. We sat together for really long calls to figure out the best strategies to approach site-building and content selection. We figured out the importance of creating in the customers a sense of trust especially towards the expertise of The Investment Boss. When it is about investing someone's own savings, customers want to feel safe.


We built a site where the statements were as strong and secure as the experience of the boss. Quite some space was dedicated to displaying the reviews of previous clients. We figured out a way to make the course exclusively accessible by the customers who paid, both to protect our client from scams and his customers from the loss of unicity of the valid product they will purchase.

The Investment Boss Responsive Website MockupThe Investment Boss Responsive Website Mockup
The Result

The project lasted for about a couple of months. The result was very satisfying. The client was very happy with the solutions we created together to achieve a safe, direct, and strong website. The design was elegant, and we used colors that represented the brand, the page speed was impressive. Also, the site was successfully optimized for mobile devices since many clients come from social networks advertisement nowadays.

The Investment Boss Responsive Website Mockup

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